COMMUNIQUE In 10 years, UMALIS will be the world leader in freelancing, a potential market of 20 Billion Euros in France

Created in December 2008, by an unemployed, Christian PERSON, UMALIS GROUP is the first Umbrella company listed on the Stock Exchange, on EURONEXT, in April 2014.

The challenge of innovation

UMALIS’ founding project was to create an online incubator to support hundreds of thousands of freelancers towards business creation.

Recognized as a « Young Innovative Company » by the French government, UMALIS has benefited from very significant tax and social exemptions, which has boosted its growth to 40% per year for 6 years! 20th French umbrella company out of 700, on a market worth €1.2 billion, UMALIS is the only company in the sector to have created a private research laboratory on freelancing.

The launch of Smart Job Matching : an algorithm to provide each European freelancer with the mission that corresponds to it among millions of offers.

The result of 3 research projects between UMALIS and the Polytechnic School of Bucharest in Romania, the SJM, a tool marketed in Cloud on subscription. This tool is expected to be commercialized in late June. UMALIS was invited to present its innovation to the management of POLE EMPLOI, the French agency managing unemployment and employment. The SJM, has been eligible for EUROSTAR funds for 3 consecutive years, and hopes the acceleration of several days, the return to employment for more than 5 million unemployed in France.

UMALIS Group was created in 2008 by Christian Person and he is part of the group.

Thanks to this « human » approach, UMALIS Group announces in 2019 a turnover of nearly €20 million, due to an external growth operation and organic growth of 20%.

UMALIS Group Euronext Access Paris / Mnemonic Market: MLUMG – ISIN Code: FR0011776889


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