COMMUNIQUE With UMALIS GROUP, wage portage employees enter the stock market 

Paris, April 12, 2019

UMALIS GROUP SA will offer its 200 consultants, all IT engineers or project managers, the opportunity to receive free shares after a period of 1 year of presence in the company. They will thus be associated with UMALIS GROUP’s strong growth perspectives, and this at no cost to the company.

Listed on the stock exchange since April 2014, UMALIS GROUP is the only French Umbrella company on a market of €1.200 billion for 85,000 « salaried contractors ».  UMALIS GROUP is the only company on this market able to bring its customers, the  » salaried contractors « , into its capital and associate them with the added value they contribute to create by bringing their mission.

The former UMALIS employees will be able to obtain hundreds or even thousands of free shares upon their return, in proportion to the turnover achieved in the past as UMALIS GROUP employees. They will thus be associated with UMALIS GROUP’s strong growth perspectives, and this at no cost to the company.

According to CEO Christian PERSON: « The allocation of Free Shares to UMALIS salaried contractors   will have the effect of offering the cheapest wage portage service on the French market. Indeed, the value of the shares allocated, as well as the potential capital gains on these shares, will erase the price of the management fees of wage portage.

« We will become, thanks to the allocation of free shares to our salaried contractor, the most competitive and profitable umbrella company in Europe, » says Christian PERSON.

There are 85,000 people who work in portage salary in France, in the year 2018. These « salaried contractors » have achieved a turnover of 1,200 billion Euros. 25% of these 85,000 employees are IT experts, which represents almost 300 million euros of turnover. With its free shares in proportion to the turnover, and in the event that UMALIS GROUP manages to attract 1,000 consultants, the value of a share of UMALIS GROUP could exceed 100 € or a market valuation, in this case, of 110 Millions of euros !

About UMALIS Group

UMALIS Group SA was created in 2008 by Christian Person and is part of the UMALIS group. UMALIS is a growing group of umbrella companies.

Thanks to this more « humane » approach, UMALIS Group announces in 2019 a turnover of nearly € 14 million. This growth now allows UMALIS Group to overcome the barriers of traditional information system consulting, with the development of a professional autonomy reference for the salaried contractors.

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