Communiqué What is In-Play or Live Sports Betting?

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All you need to know about in-play or live score betting, how it works and how you can effectively place live bets.

Online sports betting is gaining more popularity and online bookies are finding new ways to bring more to the table. This has led to the inclusion of more betting options and services. Live betting is one of these innovations which has changed the online sports betting industry. In this article, we are going to give enough information about live betting for you to know what it is about and how to play it for money.

If you still think the only time you can place a wager with an online sportsbook is before the game starts, then you have a lot to learn from this article. Sportsbooks have discovered a way to provide betting services to punters in real-time and players are having the time of their lives with this new option. In-game fantasy sports betting or live betting does not only increase the entertainment derived from betting to another level but also brings flexibility into online sports betting. But what exactly is live betting and how does it work?

Live betting, also known as in-play or in-running betting refers to placing wagers on an event after it has started. There are multiple betting options you can place on this even and the odds are set by the bookmaker before the start of the event. However, the bookie can change those odds once the event starts.

A team might be on odds before the game kicks off, but the opposing team seems to be faring better in the match, the odds will change to reflect this development. In this case, the odds on the favorite team will be raise but they remain the favorite team. Also, bettors who placed their bets after the game will get better odds than the ones listed before the game starts. A similar system is used by 22Bet Kenya App.

Apart from goals scored in the game, several actions can affect the potential outcome of the game. This is why the odds continue to change as the game progresses. The changes in odds are displayed for bettors to see during the game and it is constantly updated by a computer algorithm. Betting is usually suspended for a few seconds after an occurrence in the game. This to give the computer a few minutes to update and reflect new odds.

Advantages of Live Betting

Apart from bringing fast-paced entertainment and thrilling experience to sports betting, live betting has several advantages. The most obvious one is flexibility, live betting might be fast-paced but it allows you to observe the event before placing a wager. Let’s say you were planning to bet on a particular player or team before the event starts, but a few minutes into the event, you find out it is no longer a good idea. This gives enough time to change your mind, which is not an option in other types of bets.

Another merit of live betting is that it offers more options, therefore, more ways to win. The betting options in a live-betting event is far more than what is offered in other types of betting. We also have to mention that bet types such as parlays, prop bets and traditional bets are all still allowed during a live betting event.

The ultimate advantage of the live betting event is that you stand a chance to win when the bookmaker makes a mistake while setting new lines. As stated earlier, odds in live betting events are updated by a computer algorithm. However, this system is not flawless, especially when it has to be done in a matter of seconds. This can give room for some amazing wins but it is not guaranteed.

Live Betting brings a new twist to betting and it’s really fun to play. For experienced bettors, this is also a good opportunity to put their expertise to test and see how they can gain on the bookmaker. However, we advise bettors to always read the bookie’s terms and conditions before participating in a live bet.


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