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Cristiano Ronaldo is back in Manchester, there was talks of him heading to City, but it is back to his former club Manchester United for the Portuguese forward. He played there in his younger days, and now as he comes to the end of his career but despite that, United look set to still see a lot of quality from him.

The move by Manchester United to sign Ronaldo has been welcomed by their fans. The transfer makes a lot of sense given the history between the two parties and considering his transfer fee will be covered by revenue gained from shirt sales, it was a no-brainer really for the club.

But what impact can he have on the Premier League as a 36-year-old?

Can United Win the League Title?

Since Manchester City lifted the Premier League trophy back in May, they have been favourites with the bookmakers to win it again. That still remains the same, but we have seen a change in who sits behind them, and most likely to challenge.

Liverpool were the natural main challengers to City at the end of last season, but they have now been overtaken by both Chelsea and Manchester United. Much of that has been based on transfers.

Chelsea have brought in star striker Romelu Lukaku to provide them with goals, while United have responded by bringing in Ronaldo, on top of earlier moves for Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane. The bookmakers responded to those deals, in particular the Ronaldo one, with many football betting sites cutting the odds on a United title victory from the moment that the Ronaldo deal was agreed.

Winning the title may prove to be a step too far for United this season, they don’t quite have the quality in depth like Manchester City have to withstand a full Premier League season alongside challenging in Europe.

However, they are likely to get close, and certainly have a better chance of winning with Ronaldo in the team, than without him.

How Long Will Ronaldo Stay at United?

What we have seen in the past from Manchester United gives reason to believe that Ronaldo may stay on longer after the two year deal he has signed. Looking back, club legends like Ryan Giggs were afforded the chance to stay and play smaller roles as they got older.

Ronaldo is in great shape for his age, and the likelihood is that he could play football until 40 if he wanted to. That may involve a move elsewhere in the end, but it would not be a big surprise to see him sign a new deal after his current one, and stay at United until his late 30s, still being able to contribute effectively for the team.

If he does, despite not playing his prime years at the club, he will surely go down as being a Manchester United great, and a player who will be associated with the club for many years to come.

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