Rugby Understanding Rugby Betting

Rugby is one of the best sports on the planet and is followed by millions worldwide. It has two forms with different rules. They are Rugby League and Rugby Union. Most favour one over the other. Due to its unique nature, it takes more than scouting the best betting sites to make a few bucks on rugby. What follows is an explanation of how rugby betting works.

Getting Your Head Around Handicap

Handicap betting is where you bet on the score. So a handicap of -10.5 means the bookmaker has determined the favoured team will win by 10 points. The ‘-‘ sign indicates who is the favoured team.

If you were to bet on the match you would either bet on the favoured team to win by more than the handicap, i.e. 10 points or you bet on the underdog to lose by a certain amount.

Odds can change due to weather and squad factors such as injuries and tournament absences.

Over/Under Rugby Betting

Here, the sportsbook will generate a total score of the rugby match. You can then bet on whether that score will be over or under this theoretical total scoreline. The odds on over and under may differ and you should explore these and know exactly how much you can expect to win or lose come the end of the game.

Season and Tournament Betting in Rugby

Rugby has several big international tournaments every year. This includes the Rugby World Cup and The Six Nations, as well as several others. There are also national leagues and cup competitions. Here, it is commonplace to bet on an outright winner of a game rather than scoreline related bets.

As you can imagine the odds change as the season or tournament progresses as it becomes apparent who is doing well and who is doing not so well. Whatever the odds are when you make your bet will be the odds that any winnings are calculated against.

Betting on outright winners is seen as a good tactic for new players as it gives you a team to cheer for, and it is how we think. Can Team A beat Team B or vice versa as opposed to will Team A and Team B’s match score more than 50 points.

Rugby Betting Difficulty

Rugby is considered a hard sport to predict. Star players make all the difference to the outcome of a match and given the high number of international tournaments often clubs go into matches without their best players which makes predicting scorelines difficult. This is one of the factors for the high fluctuation in odds.

Can I Bet on Individual Rugby Players?

You can and this is very popular. Typical player bets include who will score the first try or kick the most points. Bets can be placed on individual matches, tournaments, and entire seasons. Inplay betting is also available which is quite an exciting aspect of rugby.

What is Rugby +200 Betting

Whenever you see a ‘+’ sign against a team they are considered the underdog by the bookmaker. The 200 indicates you will make $200 from a $100 bet. Something to consider if you think the bookmaker has missed something.

Enjoy your rugby betting.

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