Could Africans See Wanyama Playing with Cristiano Ronaldo?

Victor Wanyama is one of the most successful football players in Africa who is also a captain of the national team of Kenya. His position is a defensive midfielder and has achieved some notable success. His debut was in 2008, during the Premier League when he signed a 4-year contract with Beerschot AC. Most of his season in the Premier League was successful. His total rating is 7.21 and has become one of the top ten players in the Premier League for tackles. He also won possessions in midfield several times.

Recently, he commented that he had a chance to play with Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia. Still, he made another choice and became a member of the Canadian club CF Montreal. If you are a fan of this excellent football player, you need to definitely hear more details about this news. So check out the details down below!

Everything About Victor Wanyama to Know

The latest news about Victor Wanyama clearly shows that this footballer has a bright future ahead as offers for new transfers are several. He has a great performance in the national team of Kenya as well as in club and premier league. The 31 years old defensive midfielder played one match in the Canadian Championship, in 2021. Also played 4 matches in CONCACAF Champions League in 2022 and 34 matches during MLS 2022, where he also set a goal.

His transfer price is not very high but still competitive.

More specifically, during his career in Southampton, he made more than 12.5 million sterling in 2013, which was the highest price from the Scottish club for that period. During their career in Montreal, his transfer price exceeded 3 million USD and has become one of the highest-paid players in the Montreal club.

Among African football fans, he is quite a favorite and popular player which is also popular to place bets on his goals and results. One great example to notice is the recent jackpot in sports betting during the English Premier League. More specifically Gordon Opiyo, an ordinary Kenyan gambler placed a bet on Victor Wanyama’s goal during the match. Predictions came true and the gambler won about 2.2 million USD.

In general, sports betting is extremely popular in Africa. There are many platforms that suggest different conditions for betting. For a safe experience, we would like to recommend this BTC football betting site which is convenient to use and if you want to try your luck with Wanyama’s goal, it is a perfect option to try.

Why Wanyama Disclosed Offers to Play in Saudi Arabia

After the FIFA World Cup 2022, Saudi Arabia continued to be active and made high investments in their clubs. Recently they officially forwarded one of the legendary footballers Cristiano Ronaldo to their club Al-Nassr FC. Similar to Ronaldo, Victor Wanyama had also a chance to play in the Saudi Arabia Premier League but this contract did not work out. Instead of this, Wanyama decided to join CF Montreal in Canada where his transfer price was 3 million USD.

Recently he made an official comment about his decisions and popular rumors about playing in another club. As Wanyama said, he had several offers in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and even Italy. At first, he had a different decision but finally, he decided to come back. As the footballer said, the club still needs his help so this was the primary reason why Wanyama decided to stay. The official interview was with KAN FC.

There was a popular opinion that his return to the club was because of Wilfried Nancy who is the corner patch. Victor Waanyama declined all these rumors. He said that this was not his aim or any influential factor in his decision. The footballer also added that he appreciates the professionalism of Wilfried Nancy and wishes him all the best in his career.

So today, Wanyama’s main purpose is to improve the scores and ratings of Montreal CF with its new coach and he is completely happy with his decision.

What We Know About the Canadian Club CF Montreal

In general, football in Canada is becoming more and more competitive. They annually improve their rankings in FIFA World Rankings. Currently, from the result of 2022, men’s national football teams score in the 33rd position which is quite good. When it comes to Montreal football club, it has had quite successful results in the last matches. For example, if we take the MLS season, the club has 20 wins and 65 points, which is a competitive position for the Eastern Conference.

During their career, from 1993, they won the domestic trophy as a professional club football in Canada. Currently, the coach of the club is Hernan’s Losada, who is new to the club. This makes Montreal fans more interested in how the positions and ratings of the club will improve.

With Victor Wanyama, other successful and popular players from the Montreal club are Kamal Miller and Rudy Comacho. Note that Wanyama is not the only player from Africa in Montreal. There are also Sunusi Ibrahim, Jojea Kwizera, and Kei Kamara too.

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