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Africa is one of the largest continents in the world that has recorded a fast-growing number of fans. Apart from following their favorite sports on different gambling sites, new technologies and gambling methods are constantly being brought to light for players to have fun and increase their chances of winning. In Africa, football is the most popular sport. Other common types of sports include basketball, rugby, boxing, athletics, and volleyball. The continent has been the ideal place for different gambling facilities. With hundreds of gambling sites and sportsbooks venturing this market in the last few years, we must evaluate the important reasons why online sports betting is rising in the African continent. Let’s get started!

1.      Mobile betting

The leaders in the betting industry are taking advantage of technological innovation in the continent. Today, developers are creating mobile betting platforms designed for Windows, Android, and Apple devices. Millions of people in Africa are above the age of 18 years. This means that almost everyone in this category can access a mobile phone. With a smartphone, you can access any site that you want and even watch different events on the go. Mobile gambling is a huge deal today in Africa due to its convenience.

2.      Mobile money

Africa has been growing and developing rapidly in the last few years thanks to mobile money. Since Safaricom launched M-Pesa in the early 2000s, various industries have grown tremendously. Today, mobile money platforms are partnering with several sportsbooks to ensure that customers can access 100% casino bonus for canadian players offer and mobile payment services such as Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, and MasterCard quickly and easily. Deposit methods in a gambling site greatly determine how they will be accepted and used by people.

3.      Few gambling regulations

Africa does not have a similar betting market to that of America or Europe. The betting laws in most American and European countries are strict. And this makes it harder for betting companies to operate and make a profit. In most cases, regulations are put in place to protect players against fraud. Most nations in Africa have third-world economies. Most bookies are having an easy time operating in Africa due to a lack of strict measures. Today, only South Africa has a well-regulated market.

4.      High unemployment rate

The number of unemployed adults and youths in Africa is extremely high. Countries such as Kenya and Ghana have highly educated people who are unemployed. The entry of local and foreign betting companies has propelled the majority of youth to engage in online betting to win money. In Africa, you can start placing bets as low as $1. This makes it easier for unemployed people in Africa to access these sites and have fun.

5.      Entry of many betting companies

Both local and foreign betting organizations have ventured into the African market. The high competition for customers has resulted in advertisements and marketing. And these have helped in making people aware. Even in areas where Africans love sports, ads on different platforms have played a huge role. Various betting companies offer a wide range of bonus offers to both new and existing customers thus making betting appealing.


While the betting industry is yet to achieve its goals, several countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa have made tremendous progress. More nations are expected to find easy ways to regulate the betting industry as more operators venture into this market.

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